The state of Kentucky may soon pass a law making it a felony to have sex with cats and dogs, but not other domesticated animals.
Introduced by Republican State Representative Wesley Morgan, House Bill 143 would make it a felony to sexually assault a dog or a cat but says nothing about other, just as fuckable animals like goats, pigs and sheep. Such acts used to be covered under an anti-sodomy law, but that law was recently struck down for being unconstitutionally applicable to consensual, human-on-human action. Kentucky is one of nine states that currently do not criminalize sexual acts performed upon non-human creatures, a loophole which has already caused problems prosecuting several animal-related sex crimes you don’t want to Google.
Animal cruelty laws can be applied to such cases, but generally require proof of injury to the animal, and psychological scars can be hard to gauge when the victim lacks the power of speech.
Dee Robinson of Kentucky Citizens Against Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence, who drafted the bill, said she chose to focus on house pets to avoid antagonizing hunters and farmers…which is probably more offensive to those groups of people than a blanket ban on bestiality, if you think about it.
“It was meant to concentrate on domestic pets because they are the ones that are so associated with the heinous crimes that involve children interchangeably,” Robinson said. “Sexual deviants use them interchangeably for their own perverted pleasures.”
“We decided to take baby steps,” she added, to the Courier-Journal. “If someone wants to amend it to include all animals, that’s fine.” Spoken like a true pig fucker.
Unfortunately for the cuddly critters of Kentucky, the bill is not likely to pass any time soon, as House Speaker Jeff Hoover said through a spokesman that while he’s against bestiality, the current legislative session should be reserved for “serious, economy-related bills.” Sounds like someone’s got some kitties and puppies to do it to.