Dear Nhumans* (new to cats)

You do not need to bathe us. 

You never have to bathe an indoor cat. We self-clean. Keep us cats brushed. You can buy cat wipes at the pet supply to wipe us down and that's the most you ever need for cats that lives indoors.

n the supermarket, Dog food is cheaper. 
Don't even think about it , nhuman.  we are not dogs.  you can't get 6 cats to pull a sleigh in Alaska.   Don't treat us as such.  
 Cats have very explicit nutriti6nal needs, including ta-urine, and dog food simply does not contain the sorts of ingredients needed by cats to meet those needs. 

Cats need ta-urine in there diet, where as dogs don't-also cats need higher protein then what is necessary for dogs. Dog food doesn't have the nutrients that are essential for cats! Cats needs are different to the dogs, and therefore the reason for special cat food 

Cats are strict carnivores,they need most of their nutrients from animal sources, but being a carnivores doesn't mean that a carnivorous animal can survive on muscle meat only. 
A wild carnivore such as a Lion will kill and eat the antelope. It will lick the hair off and chew on the skin, the organ are consumed including the stomach contents with all the partially digested grass, leaves and other grazed plant material, bones are also eaten. 

Dogs are actually Omnivorous.they need alot less meat protein then cats, ferrets or snakes & feeding a high animal protein diet to a dog will take a toll on the dog's health.a dog is designed to to digest a wide range of plant and animal products.Dog's must eat more then muscle meat.they need plenty of carbohydrates &fiber from vegetable matter and only a very small amount of fat.there protein can come from both plant and animal products.the other things to consider are sources of mineral such as calcium, phosphorous and of cause vitamins. 

We luv self scratchers ...they are purrrfect...

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