DIY, for cats only, Humans beware!!

How to eat your master's hamster.
You could make a ham-sterwich but that's playing with your food. 

Meows, to all cats reading this.  Do you know that certain humans keep rats, chinchillas and hamsters as pets?
 They even throw them birthday parties for meowing out loud!
 They are so cute and they call them cute little names like billy, and chubby.
The humans buy these little cages to keep the hamsters protected from us cats.  A cage I say.  let me tell you about the cage.  It is not made of steel, it is light enough to be knocked over.  Knock it over a few times, the door will fly open, hamster will get out.  

Guess what! Totally organic Cat treat.  Taste like a mixture of rabbit and chicken.  bon apetit my meow friends.

mail to Potion 
 from a cat named George 

Dear George,
I have trained a Japanese vet to give me food, when I jump over an obstacle. Altogether an amazing experience and one that I am very proud of. It took several days because she was so slow.
At first she failed to give me any food at all. But she did pay attention to me, so I knew there were possibilities there. When I saw her fiddling about with something that looked like a very small horse jump, I tried several different behaviours.
  • I walked up to it and paused. No food forthcoming.
  • I went for a little walk No food.
  • I walked round it and looked at her. Still no food.
  • Then inspiration struck. I leaped over it. FOOD!!
She was so excited by this, that she made little beep-beep vocalisations. Rather like Celia does after I taught her to give food when I touched her hand.  These humans! With infinite patience, they can learn quite a few amusing food tricks.

Dear Toby,
Congratulations.  It is so worthwhile to purrsist in training your human to deliver food. You are, of course, right. It takes days of effort because human are really not as bright as cats. We have to keep trying and keep our patience.
Food placed in a bowl, even food left available all the time, or stolen food - these are the agreeable aspects of living with a human. But sophisticats go for something rather more cerebral. They train their humans to deliver food on command.
The command you need is not a vocalisation. It is a piece of cute behaviour. Do it and you will be rewarded. You did it. Well done.

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