I have a male fixed cat who has suddenly taken up humping my leg/blankets while I am trying to sleep.

I've never seen anything like this before so I'm kind of bewildered. He's an older cat, adopted within the last month, probably between 8-10 years. Clean bill of health when he saw the vet, just this suddenly began. I don't believe his neutering was anything recent, but his shelter papers didn't say, just that he was sterile. I'm trying to discourage him by spraying him with water but he keeps waking me up in the middle of the night doing it... He will only do it though if there's a blanket on my leg. He's also kinda kneading and squatting/shaking over the folding up blankets like he's enjoying that too. He's not spraying luckily, just sorta throwing me a loop. I appreciate that he loves me, but not like his lol. Anybody? Cat in photo is the culprit.

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Izadore (Izzie)
From "the cat": "it's a common occurance in neutered male cats, that likely happens when the cat is seeking attention. This behavior can be brought on by a traumatic experience like an injury or surgery, or when a new cat or human is brought into the household. The cat that's humping is manifesting it's need for affection/attention through it's humping behavior. The humping behavior is not neccessarily a sexual behavior, it's just a physical reaction to their feelings of neediness.

The solution is to give the cat extra attention, especially when it starts with the humping behavior. Pick the cat up, talk to the cat, pet the cat, etc. In extreme situations, an anti-depressant can be prescribed for the cat (I do not support this idea), which will not only improve the cat's state of happiness but also will decrease it's sex drive." 

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The former poster is correct! My neighbor's cat started "humping" my cat when his brother died. The cats were all fixed (spayed/neutered). I told my vet and she thought it was "strange"! The humping continued (even if my cat liked it or not). Sometimes the cat humped my cat right in the driveway. Everyone would go by and laugh. Sometimes my cat would smack her horny friend on his head when he was done humping her! It really was too funny! At least no kittens resulted from the humping!

The love Story of Magical-Potion 
By Potion the Cowcat

It was a quiet friday afternoon when I decided to bask in the sun on the shelly beach.  I thought I was alone.  The waves have a calming effect so I fell asleep.  My dreams of fish were so vivid, that I could smell them.  A sweet voice said, hello.  When I woke up, she was lying next to me.  Butt-naked.  She introduced herself as Sangie, but I call her Magical because that's how she slipped in and out of water.  Like magic.  And that's how we met.  She started coming over once in a while.  We did a little catnip together and she loves it.

To be continued...

 Ways to Pet your Cowcat


we love soft pinching between the ears.

Here is a chat to help you understand how to massage- I mean Pet me.  

I also speak with my tail...

And this is why we are sophisticated...

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