This cat movie features the flat nose Persian.  I really enjoyed the storyline behind Nine Lives.  It kind of focuses on Cats and reincarnation.  Pretty Cool , huh?  check it out-- 9 lives


The aristocats is an old time classic.  In the days when people actually named their sons 'Wolfgang'.  We can watch this movie over and over, and learn all the lines.  It is truly a work of art, which includes fine music too , by the cats.
check it out-- the aristocats

The cats in 'the secret life of Pets' were ok, too, but they were not the main protagonists and their lines were few.  The whole movie on a whole was pretty awesome.  A must watch.  Cow cat approved.
Check out the best scenes in the secret life of pets.


Do you remember the very old old fashion kind of cat your grandma had?  Well this is the model featured in the movie 'keanu'.  One would think of Keanu Reeves, but it has nothing to do with the Matrix.  Keanu is a cat suffering from a complex which prevents it from reaching adulthood.  hmmm, there might really be nine lives.

Look at the potion approved trailer here.


Garfield.  The laziest of all, the one who gives all other cats a bad name.  Yet he is loved so much that for years he had his own tv show.  Every saturday morning, we would watch him abuse oddie
Garfeild was aight...look at it here.

This isn't exactly a movie,  but they are always on television so I'm listing them here....

This guy name Tom is a disgrace to cats worldwide, and Jerry is filled with criminal mischief.   One night I was watching this clown and he  i wont tell you.  See for yourself.  Check out the next picture.


And who doesn't like Puss in boots?


  1. Aristocat. i know it all to well. Another great movie is Cats & Dogs. by Disney.

  2. Yes you are right, dogs and cats was an awesome movie.